Scientific research, greenhouse gases and advanced technologies
Advanced technologies and breakthrough, professional curiosity for scientific solutions accompanied us during ongoing operations over the years through collaboration with global research community, Anoiromng'r has built partnerships with like-minded experts who share our vision and technology leadership.
Our innovation starts clearest insights into user needs, global trends in the field of advanced edge technologies, industry, lifestyle and environment. Innovation is sustained for us. It allows us to move forward, to achieve greater efficiency and allow our customers better solutions.
Ideas that allow science to drive designs that make technology into solutions; However, we insist that the solution must first prove its suitability reliability and quality remain available, even in the most difficult environments its industries.
EnviroManager developing dedicated products to customers specifications
EnviroManager provides a wide range of products for monitoring gases, aerosols precise monitoring applications, research and development;
Understanding the effects of aerosols in the atmosphere is essential in our search for solutions. The ability to accurately and reliably measure these effects is essential for global concern of climate change.


  • Light scattering study
  • Light scattering in remote locations
  • Long-term monitoring
  • Aircraft measurements application
  • Application optometry
  • Transportation particle monitoring application


Greenhouse gases
Ecotech academic cooperation and the University of Wollongong FTIR. FTIR-based device technology based world's only system complies with the requirements for accuracy Gaw greenhouse gases, including N2O, CH4, CO, CO2 (including δ13C and Δ18O).
Spectronus analyzer combines Infrared Fourier Transform (FTIR) spectrometer, a gas sample cell multi-pass and high performance detectors. It uses sophisticated software to analyze me completely automatic operation of real-time trace greenhouse gas mixtures in the air or another.
Monitoring of trace gases PPT trace level
We offer a variety of Anlziirim criterion for measuring gases CO, NOx, SO2 US-EPA certified