Opinion Floodings

Meteorological opinion and flood advice
EnviroManager (Environmental Resources Management) provides meteorological and advisory opinions on all issues related to legal meteorology and litigation. From simple advice such as answering a quick question about weather that occurred during an incident or accident, to preparing a comprehensive analysis of a number of sites that included weather that was at the time of the Holocaust to weather that characterizes the area.


1. The following are the services provided by EnviroManager:

1.1. Providing professional flood reviews in weather courts (winds, rain, storms)
1.2. Providing a professional flood counselor in exceptional and extreme weather courts
1.3. Analysis of reports and / or expert testimonials from rival meteorologists
1.4. Archival meteorological information analysis using advanced tools
1.5. Providing raw and processed meteorological data, cloud and satellite radar images and meteorological modeling run products to support testimony



2. Meteorological reviews and advice will be given by the company's staff including senior and experienced professionals in the following areas:

2.1. Forecasting and analysis of weather systems using advanced modeling tools
2.2. Storm Damage Assessment:
    2.2.1. Due to winds and gusts
    2.2.2. Due to rain events, rainfall and rainfall, flooding
2.3. Analysis of heat and cold load exposure modes
2.4. Assessment of winds, flow regimes and sea waves
2.5. Assessment of daytime dependent lighting conditions, cloud cover, fog, haze and rain



Trust EnviroManager experts its:

 Rely on over 30 years of weather and weather expertise

 Professional investigations at reasonable prices
 Free initial consultation on the phone
 A repository of weather data decades back
 Evidence in expert courts
 Performing surveys on relevant sites
 Analysis of opponent reports


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