About us

Environmental Resources Management (EnviroManager) Ltd. is Israel's largest private company engaged in continuous monitoring. The company employs professionals with decades of experience in the field of air quality, meteorology, agro-meteorology, hydrology and other environmental aspects that touch on the space in which we live.

EnviroManager engaged in the design, development, manufacture, supply, integration and implementation of continuous monitoring systems to different applications according to customer requirements, the company's solutions are based on product line the leading international companies in their field and their integration with line of home products in the field of software and collection of data processing and presentation.

EnviroManager specializes in implementing inclusive and broad approach including turn-key format solutions next to a short-term leasing systems for medium- and long, making preliminary surveys and data analysis, Information services, consulting and outsourcing.

EnviroManager provides equipment and systems for monitoring air quality and the environment, continuous monitoring from both spot and focal chimney leaks production facilities, industrial processes, automated weather stations, monitoring systems, noise and vibration, air monitoring systems, living spaces and industrial hygiene, and strengthened them long-term contracts.

EnviroManager markets its products and solutions for the petrochemical industry, energy, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, transportation, aviation, military, steel and microelectronics. The company's customers come from the manufacturing side of the law enforcement agencies.

EnviroManager certified to Environmental Management System ISO 14001 Standard safety management system and occupational safety ISO-45001 and ISO-9001 Integration and maintenance of systems monitoring and certification laboratories for ISO-17025, our management designed to ensure that the customer receives the product, solution, service which is the object and time.

EnviroManager is your local partner. We choose the best from the best products and solutions available worldwide with a proven commitment to technology. All products and systems offered by us undergo strict quality checks at the company level and on-site before final delivery process.

We EnviroManager believe and understand the customer's needs and concerns ongoing operation and maintenance of the systems. We welcome the participation of the customer at every stage of the project ranging from design, planning, assembly and integration, site installation, delivery and training. The client can be present at every stage and tests. We provide complete training package at the company level and on the operation and maintenance teams.