EnviroManager (Environmental Resources Management) provides hydrological opinions and provides hydrology, drainage and water quality services. EnviroManager advises on all matters related to legal hydrology, litigation and management.

We are using the latest software and models for specific or spatial analysis of climate events, flood plains forecast, max discharge, frequency analysis, etc.

  • ArcGIS, QGIS.

by combining our database and field measurements we receive a high resolution and accurate analysis for our reports.



1. The following is a list of the services provided by EnviroManager:

1.1. Providing professional hydrological opinions as expert testimony to the planning authorities and courts regarding land and water pollution
1.2. Providing a professional hydrological opinion for a building permit under NOP 34B / 4 Green Building Standard
1.3. Runoff management surveys in accordance with NOP 34B requirements 3
1.4. Writing drainage appendix for construction project

1.5. Analysis of archival hydrological information using advanced tools
1.5. Supply of raw and processed hydrological data and products of running hydrological models



2. Hydrological reviews and reviews will be provided by the company's team, which includes senior and experienced professionals in the following fields:

2.1. Working with the water authorities, the drainage authorities and the Hydrological Service.
2.2. Running of advanced hydrological models

2.3. The use of long-term climate models for planning is adapted to the future climate


Count on the experts of this EnviroManager :

 Count on more than 30 years of experience and expertise

 Professional investigations at reasonable prices
 Initial free consultation on the phone
 A database of data back decades
 Testimony in courts of experts
 Conduct surveys on the relevant sites
 Analysis of rival reports


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