Environmental Resources Management (EnviroManager) Company is a leading Israeli company in the field of design, engineering, meteorology environment monitoring systems.

Environmental Resources Management (EnviroManager) is recognized as the integrator specializing in the field of meteorology, which provides its customers solutions for a variety of construction and service features in the field of meteorology.

Shell Company staffs a comprehensive mix of a variety of professionals with a unique experience of engineers, implementing, engineers and technicians. Meteorology is the unit area of ​​niche activity which also includes a unique professional: forecasters predict, meteorology professions and guides regularly engage in various projects in the field of meteorology.


Meteorology services:

Environmental Resources Management (EnviroManager) provides its customers with a complete response to their needs in the field of meteorology.


The company's services in the field of meteorology include:

  •         Providing weather forecasting, aviation forecasting, predictive days, alerts and supply meteorological data Meteorology.
  •         Design, construction and maintenance of monitoring stations and equipment for meteorology.
  •         Meteorology equipment sales of leading world manufacturers.
  •         Meteorology equipment calibration services under certification.

The company sells and installs a variety of systems and products adapted to customer needs and work environment.


Among the systems the company provides:

  •         Automated observation stations
  •         Systems Meteorology severe conditions
  •         Ground Forces Tactical Systems
  •         Systems Meteorology industrial environment
  •         Precipitation measuring system
  •         Repair kits shooting