Prophylaxis saves fracture failures cannot argue with the fact that

EnviroManager implements a systematic treatment plan that includes preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance to reduce the duration, frequency and cost of failures and system failures.

Concepts maintenance:

  •         Maintenance broke - repair operations after the discovery of the non-availability of equipment to use.
  •         Preventive maintenance - treatments carried out by regular intervals or by counter processes (amount of production cycles, the amount of material consumed, etc.) in order to prevent fracture failures. Examples: database backup treatment monthly or yearly treatment for the analyzer.
  •         Predictive Maintenance - Testing to detect system status and define the need for preventive action. Examples: mechanical and visual inspection, checking the "zero" and "field" analyzer and calculation of calibration drift, run diagnostics, etc.


EnviroManager offers maintenance contracts in several ways:

  •         Zo"h - time and substance, possession of break, Express service per call.
  •         Insurance inputs - the cost of a monthly fixed charge + parts.
  •         Full insurance - predictive maintenance, preventive and response to fracture - a monthly fixed cost includes consumables, season, spare parts and calibrations.


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