EnviroManager is an organization qualified for calibration, certification organization means official recognition ability and professional competence of the organization to carry out an examination, inspection, testing, measurements and calibrations according to the needs of its customers.


Certification testing methods can be performed according to standards, specifications or other reference documents, or methods developed by the organization. Accreditation is available to all types of organizations, checking (testing and calibration laboratories), supervising and examining whether they are part of a, belong to the public sector or the private sector.


In addition to certification enables the organization to assess if he does his job correctly and in accordance with international standards. Accreditation provides the CAB and administrative management and marketing tool that guarantee the reliability and effectiveness function.


Due to these facts and regulatory agencies rather large buyers in the country and the world to rely on the certification process of their recognition or bodies examine the results they produce.


Obtaining national accreditation body is officially recognized objective and weighty proof that the company management has taken all the necessary steps to implement a quality management system to ensure the quality and performance of the tests / inspections / resistivity.

EnviroManager was authorized by the Israel Laboratory Accreditation Authority  

First Certification Date: 2/02/2015

Valid certification is valid until: 1/02/2025



  • Calibration chemical sizes - pieces of gases in the air
  • Calibration physical quantities - each concentration of particles in the air using the ingestion of beta radiation

Reference to Annex scope of certification

EnviroManager laboratory is recognized by leading government customers, including meteorological gauges calibrating every mood, every sediments, every cloud base height and visibility