Environmental Resources Management Corporation (EnviroManager) develops systems monitoring stations data loggers and stack monitoring systems, these systems include hardware, made according to customer requirements, and software adapted for use on different operating systems environment and a friendly interface.

The system includes a ENVIROWATCH and a ENVIROREMOTE


Environmental Resources Management Corporation (EnviroManager) provides the customer with a complete response control and monitoring of monitoring stations and / or sensors installed by using data loggers.


Data loggers are one of the most important things to learn from the past and succeed in understanding of the data the way we need to take in order to maintain the status quo or, alternatively, what should we do to improve the situation. All this is done by the data loggers of Environmental Resources Management.


Data loggers - Advantages


Advantages provided by the company:

  •         Network management stations of local or national level.
  •         Remote control lets you change settings, calibrations and more.
  •         Monitoring station data including surveillance after all of the sensor data separately.
  •         Online viewing the updated data immediately.
  •         Control of special or exceptional situations that are defined by the user.
  •         Alerts for abnormal data.
  •         Visual representation of changes in certain parameters (such as changing the direction and strength of the wind).
  •         Production data reports online.
  •         Producing reports in graphical form online.
  •         Historical reports production data in the form of a report or graph.

Example data logger system